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Corporate Information

Viewpoint Systems is a leading OEM manufacturer of ruggedized video displays. Focused on both the commercial and military sectors Viewpoint has applied innovative design capabilities to reinvent commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) ruggedized displays to enable unprecedented utilization and deployment in harsh environments typical of aerospace, surveillance and defense applications.  The company’s ability to respond promptly, coupled with the flexibility of a small company allows Viewpoint to offer cost effect high quality solutions to our customers. Viewpoint comprises a market facing global company that has a wide range of products, technologies, and technical expertise.


Founded in 2011 Viewpoint has built a leading reputation among Law Enforcement, ISR and various Military organizations worldwide supplying a wide range of video displays. Over the past several years Viewpoint has established a strong track record for reliability backed up by award winning service and support. Viewpoint Systems was created to fill a void that existed between low end industrial grade monitors and expensive overly complex monitors designed and manufactured by larger less nimble organizations. Our growth over the years has been steady, and Viewpoint’s upper management have made strategic decisions to ensure that growth is well managed so that we are always in a position to meet our commitment to quality and on-time delivery.

Technology & Personnel

Viewpoint has a solid history of developing custom “derivatives” for customers using our proven core technology. This concept dramatically reduces the risk of new designs by utilizing previously tested and qualified electronic components and mechanical packaging designs. Innovation, flexibility and continuous investment in quality are the hallmarks of Viewpoint’s design strategy. The company is quick to insert state of the art technology. As new technology becomes available, Viewpoint customers are the beneficiaries of receiving the latest advances in video processing and image presentation.

Viewpoint’s team is professionally staffed to cover all the major disciplines require to produce a high-quality product including electrical, mechanical, and embedded software engineering. We also offer dedicated program management resources for those projects that require significant customization or challenging technical or schedule requirements


 Some of our recent customers include: Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Harris, BAE Systems, FLIR Systems, L-3 and Unisys.


The need for field-ready ruggedized video monitors is only increasing as the trend for deployed increased situation awareness applications grow. Viewpoint has achieved great success by providing cost effective solutions to both commercial and military initiatives both in the U.S. and abroad. We have established business relationships with organizations ranging from large Defense Contractors to Special Mission operators throughout the world and will continue to leverage these relationships to provide new products and set new standards for ruggedized video monitor’s performance and reliability.