VMC-MANTIS-1 MANTIS Rugged Surveillance Computer


Customizable Rugged Surveillance Computer

The Mantis is a highly integrated, rugged surveillance computer that provides all the hardware required for a multi-user mission system in a single unit. The Mantis provides integrators with a single line replaceable unit (LRU) containing dual Intel PCs, a 4 channel Haivision HD network video encoder and a 5 port Gigabit Ethernet switch. All of this is captured within a single, rugged, compact unit. With full internal connectivity the Mantis can providevideo acquisition and two independent operator workstations with no extra hardware required. Simply connect the HD-SDI video feeds from your camera and the inputs from your touchscreen monitors. The Mantis is the perfect solution for any number of C5ISR applications including airborne ISR, search and rescue, law enforcement, marine based missions, and ground vehicle situational awareness.