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High Bright LED Backlights:

All of Viewpoints rugged displays are built with a high-bright LED (HBLED) backlight system. High-bright LEDs offer many advantages over the traditional cold cathode fluorescent lamps that are currently being used by many other display providers, including: higher reliability, better durability, lower power consumption, better dimming, and operation over a wider temperature range.

Optically Bonded Cover Glass:

Each Viewpoint rugged monitor includes a piece of anti-reflective glass that is “optically bonded” to the front of display. This glass improves the impact resistance of the display, improves sunlight readability, and increases the stiffness and torsional rigidity of the display thus reducing the likelihood of a mechanically induced electrical or optical failure.

Rugged Power Supply:

All of Viewpoint’s rugged displays incorporate a military grade power supply. The compact and robust power supply allows the monitor to be operated anywhere between 19 VDC to 34 VDC while providing reverse polarity, over voltage, and short circuit protection. We also offer as an option a MIL-STD-704F compliant power supply for those operators who require a power supply with enhanced performance capabilities.

Wide Operating Temperature Range:

All of the components within Viewpoint’s displays are carefully selected to ensure operability and long term reliability across an extreme temperature range. Viewpoint’s displays are designed to operate between -20 Deg C and +55 Deg C. The low end of the range can be extended to -40 Deg C with the LCD heater option.

Sunlight Readable:

All of Viewpoints rugged LCDs include index matched optical coatings that enable direct sunlight readability.

High Resolution:

The resolution of a display is determined by the number of distinct pixels that can be displayed in each direction of the LCD. The higher the resolution (or number of pixels), the higher the level of video detail. All of Viewpoints displays are high resolution (XGA resolution or higher, >= 1024 X 768 pixels) to ensure that end users can properly distinguish between different input images.

Wide Viewing Angle:

The viewing angle of a display determines how far a user can view the display from an off-axis position (left, right, up or down) without losing clarity of the image. All of Viewpoints displays are built with LCDs that have ultra-wide, multidirectional angles to ensure that there aren’t any blind spots during use.


All of Viewpoints rugged displays are configured with a MIL-SPEC barrel style connector for power input and industrial grade connectors for the video inputs. If optioned, all connectors can be MIL-SPEC grade type.

Protective Finish:

Viewpoints display enclosures are chemically treated to protect against corrosion and to facilitate electrical grounding. All front metal surfaces are anodized black in accordance with MIL-STD-8625F Type II, Class II. The rear enclosure and internal metal surfaces are chem-filmed per MIL-DTL-5541, Type I or II, Class IA for maximum protection against corrosion.



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