Customizable Rugged Surveillance Computer


The Mantis is a highly integrated, rugged surveillance computer that provides all the hardware required for a multi-user mission system in a single unit. The Mantis provides integrators with a single line replaceable unit (LRU) containing dual Intel PCs, a 4-channel Haivision HD network video encoder and a 5-port Gigabit Ethernet switch. All of this is captured within a single, rugged, compact unit. With full internal connectivity the Mantis can providevideo acquisition and two independent operator workstations with no extra hardware required. Simply connect the HD-SDI video feeds from your camera and the inputs from your touchscreen monitors. The Mantis is the perfect solution for any number of C5ISR applications including airborne ISR, search and rescue, law enforcement, marine based missions, and ground vehicle situational awareness. Viewpoint’s airborne computer is built mission-tough to provide reliable support for your team.

Design Features

  • Mission computer Designed for use with CarteNav AIMS-HD and AIMS-ISR
  • Designed for use with all major turrets (WESCAM, TRAKKA, FLIR, etc…)
  • Latest generation Intel processors designed for demanding video
    workflows including H264 and H265/HEVC at resolutions up to 4K
  • Optional internally networked second client PC allowing two independent operators to work from one LRU.
  • Internal Haivision H.264 or H.265 Video Encoder with HD-SDI inputs for up to
    1080p60 video encoding. Other encoder options available based on budget
    and performance requirements.
  • Integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch with 5 external Gigabit ports
  • Large quantity of common I/O interface (RS-232/422/485)
  • User removable solid state drives for mapping and sensitive data
  • Hardware decoding of H.264 and H.265/HEVC for lowest latency video
  • 1/2 ATR Short Form Factor for ease of installation on platforms
  • Rugged MIL-SPEC connectors with signals grouped for ease of wiring and
  • Full support for Windows 10 Embedded
  • Specifications

    Dimensions 13.7” x 4.82” x 7.62”
    Power Consumption Power consumption 100W-140W at 28VDC nominal depending on customer configuration
    Weight 15.4 lbs
    Primary Computer High performance Intel i7 Hex Core CPU (i5 & Xeon options available)
    Memory 32GB DDR4 RAM (expandable to 64GB DDR4)
    Storage Embedded 64GB high speed SSD for operating system & critical applications. Up-to 2TB removable SSD for customer data.
    Video Outputs 3 independent video outputs, with support for HD & 4K Resolutions. Support for VGA and DVI
    USB Ports 5 External USB Ports
    Serial Ports 8 External Serial Ports (RS232/422/485)
    GPIO 4 General Purpose Inputs & 4 General Purpose Outputs (Isolated)
    Other Options for extended interfaces including ARINC 429 and MIL-STD 1553. Support for USB & serial touchscreens and peripherals.
  • Environmental

    Operating Temperature -20° to +55° Method 501.5 & Method 502.5 Procedure II MIL-STD-810G
    Storage Temperature -40° to +70° Method 501.5 & Method 502.5 Procedure I per MIL-STD-810G
    Relative Humidity Operating & Storage: 95% @ 40° for 48 hours
    Vibration Method 514.6 Category 13 Procedure 1 per MIL-STD-810G
    Shock Method 516.6 Procedure 1 per MIL-STD-810G
    EMI/EMC CE102, CS101, CS114, CS115, CS116, RS103 per MIL-STD-461F
    Ingress Protection IP62 at the Console Level
    Altitude Operating Method 500.5 Procedure I 30,000 feet per MIL-STD-810G
    Altitude Storage Method 500.5 Procedure I 40,000 feet per MIL-STD-810G
    Sand & Dust Method 510.5 Procedure I and II per MIL-STD-810G
    Salt Fog Method 509.5 per MIL-STD-810G
    Fungus Method 508.6 per MIL-STD-810G
    Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) Minimum 40,000 hours
    Mean Time Between Repair (MTTR) Greater than 7 Years
    Barrell Connectors MIL-SPEC Barrel Style for Power Input, Industrial Grade for Video Inputs
  • Options

    Secondary Computer 8th Generation Intel i7 processor. Future Support for 11th Gen i7 (Q1 2022). 8GB – 32GB DDR3 RAM. 120GB to 240GB onboard SSD. Up-to 2TB removable SSD for customer data. Support for VGA, DVI, HDMI at up to 4K resolutions. 2 External USB ports 4 General purpose inputs & 4 general purpose outputs (isolated). Support for USB & serial touchscreens and peripherals.
    Encoder Option 1 Internal 4-channel Haivision H.264 video encoder with HD-SDI input for up to 1080p60 video encoding.
    Encoder Option 2 Internal single channel Haivision H.265/HEVC and H.264/AVC video encolder with HD-SDI input for up to 1080p60 video encoding. Up to 2 encoders per system.