• Ultra High Definition Rugged Displays from ViewPoint Systems

    Ultra High Definition (UHD) Rugged Display Line

    Experience astonishingly crisp images composed of 8+ million pixels for even more intricate detail. Viewpoint’s Ultra High Definition (4K) rugged displays provide twice the horizontal and vertical resolution of full HD and produce images in stunning clarity across every inch of the screen.  All of our rugged monitors are designed and manufactured to comply with MIL-STD test specifications and come standard with a comprehensive 2-Year warranty. Contact us for additional information.

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  • 21.5" HD VPT-21HD-06 controls

    High Definition (HD) Rugged Display Line

    Viewpoint offers a complete line of high definition (HD), widescreen, rugged displays that are perfect for any mission.  All of Viewpoint’s rugged monitors are designed and manufactured to comply with MIL-STD / DO160 test specifications and come equipped with multiple computer and camera video inputs for a wide variety of applications.  QUAD View functionality is available on our larger HD rugged displays (15″ to 24″), which allows (4) HD-SDI inputs to be displayed on the screen simultaneously, in quadrants, or selected and displayed individually.  Every display incorporates Viewpoint’s proprietary Thermal Management System (TMS) to ensure maximum reliability in extreme environments.  Available options include NVIS compatible backlighting systems, remote RS-232 serial control, programmable multi-function buttons, touchscreens, and more.  Viewpoint’s rugged HD displays come standard with a 2-year comprehensive warranty.

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  • Standard Definition (SD) Rugged Display Line

    Viewpoint offers a large line of standard definition rugged displays for your surveillance needs ranging in size from 6.5” to 17”. Each rugged display has a variety of different video input formats to choose from including SDI, DVI, VGA, and Composite (NTSC / PAL / SECAM) as well as a host of options. Learn more about our standard definition rugged video monitors.

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  • 7" HD STOW Stowable Rugged Display in stowed configuration

    Stowable (STOW) Rugged Display Line

    Viewpoint offers two different sized high defintion (7”, 10”), sunlight readable, collapsible rugged monitors that are perfect for mounting in tight spaces that might require the monitor to be stowed for improved cockpit visibility.   These units come with a small remote electronic box that provide multiple video input options (HD-SDI and VGA/DVI).   Learn more about our stowable line of rugged monitors here.

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  • VMC-MANTIS-1 MANTIS Rugged Surveillance Computer

    MANTIS Mission Computer

    The MANTIS is a highly integrated, rugged surveillance computer that provides all the hardware required for a multi-user mission system in a single unit. The MANTIS provides integrators with a single line replaceable unit (LRU) containing dual Intel PCs, a 4-channel Haivision HD network video encoder and a 5-port Gigabit Ethernet switch. All of this is captured within a single, rugged, compact unit designed to meet the 1/2-ATR Short ARINC 404 standard. With full internal connectivity the MANTIS can provide video acquisition and two independent operator workstations with no extra hardware required. High-quality connectors ensure secure, reliable connections for the HD-SDI video feeds from your camera and inputs from your touchscreen displays. The MANTIS is the perfect solution for any number of C5ISR applications including airborne ISR, search and rescue, law enforcement, marine based missions, and ground vehicle situational awareness.

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